Free Fire New Female Character : CLU

Garena is trying to balance the male and female characters, whenever they introduce a male character within few days they also introduce a female character as well.

Lets know more about this amazing character “CLU”.
CLU is going to be a Female character whose ability is better than most of the characters. She is going to be the “Best Free Fire Female Character”.

Lets Understand Her Skills :

  1. Just like Alok she also going to have a special button to trigger her ability.
  2. Name of her Skill is “Tracing Steps”
  3. Whenever you trigger her skill by pressing the skill button , she will reveal the positions of enemy near by.
  4. She create a circle of 30 meter radius at character level 1 and enemies who are inside that circle will get exposed for 5 seconds.
  5. On Upgrading the character her ability will also get improved.
  6. She is going to be a threat for campers.
  7. Cool down time for using her ability is 50 seconds i.e you use her ability once , restriction for 50 seconds will get applied.


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