Free Fire New Character: Wolfrahh

Garena announced this Sunday the arrival of Wolfrahh, he has special damage dynamics.

1. Wolfrahh’s occupation

If we talk about Wolfrah’s occupation, he is a streamer just like other youtubers who stream daily on their respective channels .

2. Skill base

The more people watch, the less damage taken to head and legs i.e if some people is spectating you after getting killed, Wolfrah ability will help you taking less damage on head and legs and also the number of spectators do matters on this ability. Wolfrah’s ability will be null if no one spectates you after getting killed.

3.Useful situations

If you hit a enemy with a headshot of 90 or 110 damage, normally the enemy can get eliminated within three or four shots but if he’s using Wolfrah character with active spectators of 10 or 15 he’ll probably not get that much damage and at the mean time he can heal himself and take a permanent cover.

4. Effective for which game mode

There’re various modes present in the game but the most effective mode for this character is rank or classic because chances of getting spectated by the enemies are high. If we talk about clash or custom mode this character is not that much effective because you have only your teammates to spectate . As this character is free to all, one can make best use of it.

5. How to increase the number of people spectating

The only way to increase the spectators is to kill more and more enemies . Also if you killed a enemy having 5 or 8 spectators they will automatically shift to you after getting the kill of that enemy but for that also you have to kill atleast 2 or more.

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