Free Fire vs PUBG

Free Fire Vs PUBG Mobile

Why Free Fire is growing much faster than PUBG Mobile?

As you guys can see free fire has completed its 500 million of downloads and Player Unknown Battleground Mobile is still on 100 million downloads . PUBG Mobile is introduced in the store after the introduction of Free Fire , so this can be a reason too . We’ll all come to know five main factors for this cause through this article.

Seven Main factors for this cause :

1. Free fire is not a realistic game

PUBG Mobile has introduced itself as a realistic game , that is more like a real life happenings but free fire has more of imaginary things and happenings in it . This is a big disadvantage for the PUBG Mobile creator and at the same time big advantage for free fire . As free fire can introduce anything which is imaginary and has no relation with real life.
Like we guys have seen zip line and launch pad in free fire , it can also be introduced in pubg but haven’t yet . Within few seconds we can travel good distance , it’s a cool thing . Most importantly the gloo wall, it’s a over power thing introduced in free fire which acts as a shield to protect us from getting damaged from enemies . One of the most cool thing is a treatment gun like you guys can treat or heal your teammates with extra hp through this gun also on some distance . Also a launch pad is seen in the game which is basically used to travel some distance through air , these all can never happen or created in real life . There are lot more amazing things in this game which you can never experience in pubg mobile . This has not made free fire a complex but more a strategic game . It requires lots of practice to be a good strategical gamer in free fire .

2. Device Compatibility

Size of free fire is lesser than the size of Pubg Mobile which is also a plus point for free fire users , as they can store the game also on a low storage device . Free fire can also run on device’s with low ram like 2 GB and 4 GB which pubg mobile cannot , and this is one of the main reason for more downloads of free fire . People with low end device’s can also play and enjoy this battle royale game .

3 . Viewership

Pubg mobile conducts many tournaments over an year as compare to free fire but if we talk about viewership of live tournaments conducted , pubg mobile is no where in touch with Free Fire .
Peak concurrent viewership of pubg mobile tournaments is somewhere between 500 to 600 thousand viewers . If we talk about Free Fire it has smashed all the records by crossing 2 million of concurrent viewers on Free Fire World Series 2020 tournament . It is clearly overtaking pubg mobile on this matter . Taking over all the tournaments held by pubg mobile there is still a low chance to overtake free fire viewership .

4 . Improved graphics

Talking about earlier graphics of free fire , pubg mobile has overtaken several times as it used to have such an amazing graphics in comparison .
But nowadays if we compare graphics of both the games free fire is no where remain overtaken . It has introduced Kalahari map which has amazing graphics and also it has two more maps bermuda and purgatory which contains more of quality features in it . Most importantly game never lags and player can enjoy the game smoothly without any difficulty .

5. Outfits

One of the most interesting thing in which no game can ever overtake or also come across is the detailing of every outfits and gun skins . All of these things make the game more fun and interesting . Even the characters of free fire is inspired by the real life stars which makes the game more attractive . Free fire has worked alot in its graphics field and now is one of the best graphics unrealistic game .

6. Arcade and Strategical Gameplay

As we can see , in pubg 100 players spawn at a time and it take approximately 40 to 50 minutes to complete a match with chicken dinner . In comparison to this aspect we can play maximum two matches in between this time with booyah as only 50 players can spawn in a match . Free fire is arcade based because a match can be completed within half hour and also this game is best for the impatient gamers who likes to rush and kill enemies . Pubg mobile requires much patience as it has 100 players and also lengthy map .
If we talk about Strategical Gameplay both the games need strategies but as free fire requires more strategies because of the extra equipments available in the game .

7. Different Sniping Experience

Both the games have their own amazing experiences on sniping field . In pubg mobile awm or kar98k (both the sniper guns) are shooted bit away from the enemy so that the fired ammo can touch the moving enemy also and also it has various zooming attachments . But free fire has all of its unrealistic features and also the sniping experience is slightly different as the fired ammo instantly hits the enemy at the same time it is aimed and shooted but also sniping in free fire requires various techniques likes fast reload trick and most importantly combination of guns , if you are carrying a sniper with a assault rifle, then by using this combination you can damage the enemy with a sniper by body shot, switch to AR and Finish off enemy quickly . Free fire has also it’s own character i.e Laura which provides aim assistance to improve the snipping experience but besides all of these it’s really an amazing experience of sniping in free fire as well.

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  16. Shubham Nagesh Tayade

    Yup bro…It’s totally true that free fire has overtake the game called PUBG or whatever….And it is because of you tubers like you….You are doing a great job by introducing players with new tricks features and strategies to improve their gameplay….I really appreciate you……I am playing free fire from 2 year….from season 7…..Keep it up you are doing a great job

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