This trick is one of the most trending and useful tricks for taking headshots in free fire. There are several types of auto headshot tricks in free fire like auto sit-up headshot trick , drag headshot trick , in scope drag headshot trick , precise headshot trick but for now we are talking only about “In Scope Drag Headshot Trick”. In this blog i will explain to you each and every tips and tricks for scope in headshot and also tell you the best setting and sensitivity. So read our full article and if you like it don’t forget to share it with your friends. 



This is one of the important things to understand. For using the open scope drag headshot trick you need to understand the range factor. There are two things that matter and those are “Enemy Distance from You” and what zooming attachment you have ( e.g 2X Scope , 4X Scope or Basic Red Dot ).

Lets Understand the Range Factor with some examples :

case ( i )
Enemy is at long range and you have 4X Scope
Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

In this case , the enemy body surface area is not much bigger than the 4X aim dot ( ^ ) , so the aim assist body lock is not much stronger. You just need to drag the right fire button upwards smoothly. In simple words at a very long range , using 4X scope for “in scope drag headshot” is best.

case ( ii )
Enemy is at long range and you have basic red dot

In this case , the size of the red dot is equal to the size of the enemy body means the enemy head is not clearly visible. By default when you open scope at this distance with a basic red dot then the aim will get locked to the enemy body by the help of aim assist but if you try to drag by using the right fire button there is 95% chance that the aim will go into the air without locking on the enemy head. In simple words , using in scope drag headshot at long distance without any scope is a bad idea.

case ( iii )
Enemy is at mid range and you have 4X scope
Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

In this case , the size of 4X Scope aim dot ^ is smaller than the enemy body surface area which means the distance from the enemy body to enemy head is more therefore aim assist body lock will try to strongly hold your aim to the enemy body. You need to drag a little higher and with little more speed (note : without pressing the mobile screen hardly). In short , in mid range if you have 4X scope then using the In Scope Drag Headshot Trick is a bad idea. Try to use no scope drag trick for this situation.

case ( iv )
Enemy is at mid range and you have basic red dot
Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

Here this case is perfect for taking the inscope drag headshot because the size of the enemy body is not much bigger and the aim assist can not hold the body strongly. With a smooth and easy drag towards the enemy head is enough to hit the scope in drag headshot. In simple words , for mid range using basic red dot for in scope drag headshot is a smart choice.

case ( v )
Using 2X for in scope drag headshot
Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

2X Scope is best for taking “Scope in Drag Headshot” in most of the cases because it is best for the range factor most of the time. If the enemy is at semi long range then you can hit the open scope drag headshot easily and also if enemy is at mid range , still 2X proved to be very effective for in scope drag headshot. In Simple words , 2X Zooming attachment is best for this trick most of the time.


Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

The correct way to drag is “Forming a Straight Line With Your Right Thumb By Dragging the Right Fire Button Towards the Enemy Head”.

It is really important because if your drag is not stable and “IN LINE” then it will create disturbance in your aim and in return due to recoil your aim will not reach the enemy head.


Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

You can also hit your first shot to the enemy head and this is one of the amazing part of this trick when you knock the enemy in half second.

Steps are simple but take time to master. Firstly you need to aim at the enemy body then open scope and instantly drag with the right fire button without taking much time. By using this the aim will not get locked to the enemy body and will directly hit the enemy head and you will get an amazing headshot kill.


Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

If you are a beginner and learning this trick then it is my recommendation that you should use this trick when the enemy is still (means doing no movement) or approaching you from the opposite direction or moving in the opposite direction. In short don’t try to hit the cross running enemy in your learning stage.


Image from Garena
Image from Garena
Image from Garena


Screenshot from Garena Free Fire

For using this trick we require higher sensitivity and DPI. You can set your sensitivity to 100 and it will surely help you to learn the trick but if we talk about DPI then different phones have different DPI. Some phones have default high DPI therefore they can hit “in scope drag headshot” with less effort. Will Explain you everything about DPI and Sensitivity in a Different Article.

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